Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saye telah ditagged...

Award rules :
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2. Make sure u take the pic n said it is from.
3. You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself.
4. You should choose
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Awarded by:
My Rumate,Tikah ^_^

10 facts about me...

1~1st tym being awarded..thanx ye kepada yg kc award pink yg comel ni..its pink!!tu yg      semangat nk buat tu..hihi

2~anak sulong,have 1 sis n 1 bro..

3~luv PINK a lot..dats a reason why im soo addicted tgk legally blond..lg2 legally blond2..lets      PINK rock da world..lalala

4~suke kanak2..hope 1day can be a lepas posting medicine,tibe2 cm interested      nk keje kt medicine department..camane tu??huhu..

5~currently im reading syahadatul haq by Abu al A'la Al-Maududiyy n Twilight by stephanie     mayer =)

6~da xde idea ni...emm..ok..sgt suker kumpul kasut espcially pump shoes n suke kumpul bags      gak..hihi

7~i luv to wear jubah now..sgt selesa ^_^ hope dpt tmbh koleksi jubah nt..

8~luv art a lot..

9~sejak dulu bercite2 nk jadi interior designer o xde rezki..huhu..papepon,trying to      be a good doctor,InsyaAllah..

10~lastly,in fact dat my close frens already knew about it..I LUV SHOPPING!!!haha..

Yess..DONE!! I've completed my here,i wanna tag:

4~adik husna=)


  1. pink belako da! haih, habishlah kalu dah jupa gu pink dia tuh^_~

  2. Thanks for the award Kak Shida!

  3. zen,xdop award purple la..kalo ade nt org bg ade org tu da dpt award dr org len..gagaga

  4. uikss kene tag laa hahah

  5. owhhhhhhhhh..nak kenekan orang la ni eh?????
    rindu waktu itu kan?^_^