Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Joy of Being BROTHER and Sister..

Diz poem(xsurela poem ke pe..hihi) is dedicate to my beloved bro n sis,ipu n ju..Yong syg ju n ipu..

There's is wonderful bond,
between brother n sister..
A special love n trust..
A close n lasting friendship..
A deep caring n sharing
that's unlikely any other relationship..

When i think da hepy times
that you n i have shared
our childhood made
all the more specia;
with our parents' special love
da way they cared for both of us..

With each passing year i realise
how much we've benefitted from having
family support n love so close..
With each tought,my heart is filled
with gratitude n pride..
n it makes me feel lucky
to have been blessed with such a
wonderful family..

I remember slides n swings
and all little childhood things
we used to do
when we were young n free.
I remember tattletales n sand pails
n paper boats n slimy snails
n little frogs we'd see..

I remember teasing u
(then claiming that it wasn't true!..hihi)
n all the sneaky tricks n games we'd play..
i just have to laugh when i think
of some of da crazy things
we've done together..
n they wouldn't have been half the fun
with anyone else but you..

I love to look back at those times
n to all moments spent with you
even the difficult times
that we helped each other through
i can see how those experiences
helped us grow n come closer..

When i realise how much ur
influence has helped shape my life,
i'm grateful u'r da kind of person u r..
u've been,n u still r,
a major part of my HAPPINESS=)


~Yong rindu kt sume~
(p/s:thanx to my dear faten yg tlg edit gmba2 ni=) )